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The great truths of the Bible give me chicken skin: goosebumps, that is! You are invited to join me as we look at great moments of chicken skin in God's amazing Word.

Hi! I'm Dain Spore, pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Our unofficial motto is "Read the Bible and Do What It Says." If that sounds good to you, I know you'll love our weekly plunge into the oceans of wisdom in the Lord's Great Book. 

The Chicken Skin Bible!

Here's the latest video:

Hey Gang,

We continue in the “Hall of Faith” with Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. Moses, too. We once again are looking at the lives of the faithful but flawed individuals that God has called into His family. We are in good company people!

TWO NOTES: Our main voice recorder bailed this time around so this video uses the backup camera mic. Less quality but not too bad. Also, Dain's next Bible Study is Tuesday October 19th, so we'll skip a week with the video as well.

Everyone is invited to Dain's Tuesday Night Bible Studies! Kauai Christian Fellowship at 7:00pm. Lots of fun! Video of each study posted Wednesday afternoon or early Thursday each week. The shorter Chicken Skin Moments are posted now and then. 

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