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The great truths of the Bible give me chicken skin: goosebumps, that is! You are invited to join me as we look at great moments of chicken skin in God's amazing Word.

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Hi! I'm Dain Spore, pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Our unofficial motto is "Read the Bible and Do What It Says." If that sounds good to you, I know you'll love our weekly plunge into the oceans of wisdom in the Lord's Great Book. 

Pastor Dain Spore and the Chicken Skin Bible!

We finish Ezra-Nehemiah on a cliff hanger, described in the Book of Malachi; Dain covers that in this video. And with our last look at the Ezra-Nehemiah series, Pastor Dain is taking a long break for a family vacation!

Dain returns May 28th or thereabouts for a brand new series on the Gospel of Matthew! He says it might last a year or more! 

Meanwhile, we have to last until the multi-week wait is up. See you then!


Dain's Tuesday Night Bible Studies start at around 7:30, but come at 7:00 for the fellowship and the retro-hit songs played by Dain, Steve and Dan!  

The Books of Ezra and Nehemiah

Here's Dain's one-episode look at the history of, and recent events in, Israel and Palestine. The blog post with the video has a link to view all the graphics that Dain refers to. Click HERE to watch the video and find the link.

Click or tap the image to watch Jungle Jen's great testimony of God's Spirit at work along the Amazon.

The Book of Philippians

The Book of Jonah

The Book of Galatians

The Book of Judges

First John

The Book of Joshua

The Apostles Creed

Peter's First Letter:

The Book of Hebrews:

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The Book of Acts:

Chicken Skin Moments:

The Book of Romans:

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