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Joshua Part 2

Joshua Bible Study Part 2: Enter the Promised Land

"Spies Like Us!" Well, kind of like us. Hey, last week was much more fun and interesting than I had thought it would be. I would say I was pleasantly surprised, but we should be long past being surprised by the masterpiece of Scripture! It is simply never ending. So I have great excitement about today's teaching. We dive into chapters two through five, which cover the spies meeting Rahab in Jericho, and then the miraculous crossing of the Jordan River. Also, circumcision and, after four decades of nothing but manna and quail--the great food the Israelites scarf as they enter the Promised Land at last.

Joshua Part 1

Joshua Bible Study Part 1: Joshua the Warrior

Hey, Gang! After two weeks off, I’m super excited to dig into the Book of Joshua. Have you read it yet? It’s pretty violent. Actually, it is very violent, and the violence comes at the behest of our God. This is not easy for us to understand, and (plot spoiler) there are no easy answers. This is probably not a Bible study for those who are immature in the faith, or not well-seasoned by Scripture. However, time and time again we have been rewarded for our diligence to trust God and go forging ahead into the most difficult Scriptures, and this time is no different. So proceed with an open mind. Joshua is great!


00:00 We begin the Book of Joshua.

18:06 The purpose of the Book of Joshua

21:08 Joshua 1:1-5

27: 08 Joshua 1:6-9

36:17 Joshua 1: 10-11

37:36 Joshua 1:12-15

45:48 Joshua 1:16-18

57:13 Closing Prayer

Final Look

Pastor Dain Spore concludes his five-part look into the historical Apostles Creed.

Hey Gang,
We will be answering the question “Are we all really catholic???”

Also, I will be giving the “big reveal” about what book we will spending our time in this summer!

00:00 Starting with "the holy catholic church."
00:00 The four marks of the church.
00:00 The communion of the saints.
00:00 Forgiveness of sins.
00:00 Resurrection and life everlasting.
00:00 Reciting the Apostles Creed.Enter your text here...

Christ in the Passover

Hi, Gang!

My good friend Rob Wortheim, a missionary from Jews for Jesus, demonstrates “Christ in the Passover,” a detailed look at the traditional Jewish Passover meal.

I have been through this demonstration before, but… I was blown away again! God’s plan, that He inaugurated thousands of years ago is so well constructed and thought out, I was sitting there praising Him for His infinite wisdom!

00:00 Pastor Dain introduces Rob Wortheim of Jews for Jesus.
00:46 Christ in the Passover.
32:56 Rob shares about his ministry.
41:29 Questions and Rob's personal journey to Christ the Messiah.
00:00 Pastor Dain wraps up and closes in prayer.

5 Steps to Growth

Hi, Gang!

This quick "Chicken Skin Moment" gives my take on five essential steps to growing our relationship with our Lord. I trust all five are already on your list of must-do priorities and, if not, that you will be inspired to make a habit of them--the growth will then happen naturally (or should I say, supernaturally)!

Apostles Creed 4

Pastor Dain Spore continues his look into the historical Apostles Creed.

Hey Gang,  this time we talked about the Holy Spirit as it occurs in the Apostle’s Creed. At one point during the study we discussed the Trinity. Our brother Tom suggested the Bible Project’s attempt to explain. I just watched it and it’s really good! Plus, it addresses some of the exact issues we discussed last night. It’s only about 8 minutes long (with lots of cartoons!) and will help you get a better grasp of the infinite, with your finite mind! Enjoy. 


00:00 Review the Apostles Creed study so far.

01:50 Jesus will come to judge.

19:29 The Holy Spirit.

49:42 Prayer.

Apostles Creed 3

Hey Gang,

Why is the Resurrection of Christ such a big deal? Maybe because according to Paul…

“If Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith!” And also “If Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins!” (1 Corinthians 15:14 and 17.)

So there’s that…

That's why we unpack the greatest event in the history of all creation!

00:00 Introducing and reviewing our previous look at the Apostles Creed.
07:00 More on the Apostles Creed.
53:20 Closing prayer.

Apostles Creed 2

Hey Gang,

Great stuff last week as we explored the depths of faith, and the revelation of God to us about Himself. We also took a fantastic detour into the deeper meaning of “God is my father”.

This time we will be astounded at the magnitude of God’s creative ability, and this will bring into a better focus of how big a deal it is for Him to send His Son to earth. In fact, His Son is so amazing that we are dividing our teaching on Him into two parts This time we cover His birth, suffering and death; we are saving the Resurrection for next week!

Apostles Creed 1

Introduction to the Apostles Creed

Pastor Dain begins a multi-week series on the Apostles Creed. In this first video, he introduces the topic and gives a bit of history involved. He then looks mainly at the word Abba, which means Father, or, more accurately, Papa. Abba is never used of God in the Old Testament, but Jesus introduced it to us in the New. We are so blessed that God the Father allows us to call Him Papa!

Dain's Sunday sermons are found at

1 Peter 5

Pastor Dain Spore - The Elders - 1 Peter 5

Hey Gang,

Boy, I was kind of shocked when I began to prepare this lesson and realized we were going to finish the book! In chapter five Peter takes it to the elders. I resemble his remarks!

Also, I will tell you what we will be doing next. I’m super excited about it and know you will be as well. But you have to watch to find out!

We cover 1 Peter 5

00:00 Review of 1 Peter.
06:39 Peter writes to Elders and Young Men
42:41: Peter's Benediction
48:47: Peter's Final Greetings
53:33 Closing Prayer

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