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The Battle

Got an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other? Pastor Dain has a helpful tip to win that battle!

Acts 4:1-31

Acts chapter 4:1-31: the Pharisees, Sadducees and other Jewish leaders hear the good news straight from the Apostle Peter. It's God's Holy Spirit that has filled Peter with power to speak the Good News of Jesus Christ. That same Spirit still lives in our hearts today.


Whatever happened to good ol' Obed-Edom the Gittite? Wait a minute...who in the world is Obed-Edom the Gittite? Pastor Dain tells the tale of a mortal enemy of Israel and all the blessings God gave him! It's a great story!

Acts 3:11-26

The Bible doesn't say "Repent! The World Ends Tomorrow" like placards sometimes do. Instead, here in the Books of Acts, the Apostle Peter lets us know that turning away from our own way and choosing to go God's way instead leads to a wonderful time of refreshing. Repenting--turning to God--takes those heavy burdens away!


Pastor Dain Spore adds another quick look at one of God's best inventions: Marriage!

Acts 2:41-3:10

We cover that fellowship of the early believers plus Peter healing the crippled man, followed by Peter’s evangelical sermon.

Acts 1:9-26

How so you replace a guy like Judas? Well…you’d think that should be pretty easy right? Think again! In this video we cover the Apostles challenge in replacing Judas, along with a further discussion of the ramifications of the Ascension of Jesus. Our text is Acts 1:9-26.

1-Sided Covenant

Pastor Dain discusses being asleep at the switch when God made a covenant with Abraham, and again at the garden of Gethsemane when Christ was about to launch the New Covenant.

Priest King

Chicken Skin Moments are things from the Bible that are so great, they give us goose bumps or, as we say here in Hawaii; chicken skin! This time it's a key figure, a guy named Melchizedek of all things--but we know almost nothing about him. But what we do know is really cool.

Acts 2:1-41

This time we look at Pentecost and the Holy Spirit's impact upon the new Church. Life-changing and world-changing event!

There's a bit of a glitch (blank screen) after Dain's final prayer and before the end card screen completes the video. We'll re-upload a fixed version soon.