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1 Peter 2:1-10

Hey Gang,

Years ago when I was a young, upstart preacher I came up with a really stupid illustration about how we are defined by God in 1 Peter. I thought it was just silly. However, years later, people still remind me about it which means it had the desired effect.

What was the illustration? In 1 Peter chapter two, Peter says we are “living stones” who God is using to build a Temple for Himself. I added to that the idea that we are to “bear much fruit”.

Stones that bear fruit? Fruit bearing stones? Could it be….?

That's right, a box of cereal: Fruity Pebbles. How dumb was that?! But people never forgot it! So there.

00:00 Dain's hair trouble.
00:18 Review of 1 Peter 1.
07:42 1 Peter 2:1-10 commentary.
56:59 Closing prayer.

1 Peter 1:13-25

Do you ever think about the call on our lives to follow Christ, but in the light of what He has forgiven us? Sometimes I find it almost crushing, and maybe that’s a good thing!

Join us as we discuss 1 Peter 1:13-25. God says "Be Holy because I am Holy." How in the heck can we do that???!!!

1 Peter 1:3-12

This time around Pastor Dain takes a look at 1 Peter 1:3-12. Praise song, doxology, Jewish Prayer, or explanation of salvation--that’s all the different definitions of 1 Peter 1:3-12

1 Peter Intro

Pastor Dain Spore introduces 1 Peter, the beginning of a series based on the Apostle Peter's great first letter to early Christians. Topics covered in this video include holiness, Peter's possible writing partner Silas, Peter's penchant to apply Old Testament references to the Christian experience, persecution and the overall construction of Peter's letter.

Romans 2:1-3:20

Yeah, being a ‘good person’ won’t get you into eternity. God is our righteous Judge. We look at Romans 2:1-3:20

Romans 3:21-31

Hey Gang,

This might be the most important teaching in the world!

Ok, that was a little heavy handed, and a touch dramatic. But honestly, it is the simply the BEST NEWS EVER. The offer of salvation through faith, and faith alone should be something that unrighteous humans should, and will, celebrate for all eternity. We are covering Romans 3:21-31.

Romans 4:1-25

Hey Gang,

It’s Romans 4:1-25 this time.

For all of you that watched our previous Bible study, I apologize if I moved too fast. Even though we only read eleven verses, I confess, we covered a TON of ground! I heard from a few people that it was a bit of a “drinking from a fire hose” evening. This might be the first time in the history of our Bible study that I think I went too fast!

Anyways, as mentioned last time, what we covered was the “thesis” statement about God’s New Covenant, a radical idea of salvation by faith. Now Paul is going to spend the next few chapters unpacking this idea, with the Old Testament precedent for it, and what the ramifications are for the Law in the light of grace. Thus, although in this video we cover all of Romans chapter 4, we actually cover less material than last week.

We’ll see that God’s plan of salvation goes all the way back to Abraham, which would blow the minds of a lot of the Jews whom Paul was writing to. It might blow your mind as well!

Romans 5:1-21

Hey Gang,

So if in our previous video you thought Paul went back in time to show how the precedent of Grace was evident in Abraham, this time he will take us all the way back to Adam! Did you know that another title for Jesus is “The Second Adam”?

But even better, if you have ever been afraid of “losing my salvation” you MUST watch, as we cover the assurance of your salvation! Really good stuff.

Romans 5:1-21.

Romans 6

Praise God! I have been raised to a New Life, and I am dead to sin!

But wait….

Then how come I still sin???

Did you know there is an excellent Bible explanation? We will actually be spending the next few chapters unpacking just how this works. This time we are covering all of Chapter 6, and it is going to blow your mind!

Romans 7:1-8:2

Let’s take a look at Romans 7:1-8:2 and the correct attitude to have about sin and temptation in our life. We look at what Paul wrote about struggling with sin.