Hebrews: Hall of Faith 2

Pastor Dain Spore: Hebrews 11:20-29

Hey Gang,
We continue in the “Hall of Faith” with Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. Moses, too. We once again are looking at the lives of the faithful but flawed individuals that God has called into His family. We are in good company people!

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Hebrews: Hall of Faith

Hey Gang,

It's time for the famous Hall of Faith, Hebrews chapter 11. We look at Hebrews 11:1-19 this time, learning about the great faith exhibited by Abel (of Cain and Abel), Enoch, Noah and Abraham. Questions and thoughts brought up by people in the room include why did God value Abel's sacrifice over Cain's, what it means to walk with God, were there clouds before the flood and what was Abraham thinking as he held the dagger over his son. Good fun!

Hebrews: Perseverance in Faith

Pastor Dain Spore: Hebrews-Perseverance!

We make it through the rest of chapter 10 from last week, covering the author of Hebrews call to persevere in the Faith. Some great verses in this passage! We get to the only the first two verses of the great Hall of Faith chapter, chapter 11 but don't worry, we'll be there for that next time.

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Hebrews: Christ’s Sacrifice

Hey Gang,

Boy, has the Book of Hebrews been heating up! It gets more fascinating each time. This time is no exception. We cover most of chapter 10.

Look at these two verses as a “teaser” for the video: Hebrews 10:4: “Because it is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins”.

"What?!" you ask. Then why the heck did we spend all that time studying Leviticus? Well, imagine the shock of all those who carried out the commands in Leviticus!

Hebrews 10:10: “And by that will, we have been made holy through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ once for all."

Hebrews: The Shadow Gets Real

Pastor Dain Spore: Hebrews-The Shadows Get Real

This time we cover all of chapters 8 and 9.

We will be looking at a super cool “Hebrews theory” that says all the Old Testament things (sacrifice, temple, covenants) were mere “pictures, shadows and copies” of the reality that Jesus Christ brings to those things. It is a really cool lesson that I know you will enjoy.

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Hebrews: Who is Melchizedek

Pastor Dain Spore: Hebrews-Who's Melchizedek?

Hey Gang,
Who the heck is this Melchizedek guy and where did he come from? Honestly, it is not a life-changer lesson. But it is a very cool example of how well-thought out God’s plan of Redemption is. You just can’t make this stuff up!

Hebrews 6: Warning!

Pastor Dain Spore: Hebrews-Warning!

Chapter 6, a great chapter for those interested in the topic of loss of salvation but even better for those interested in assurance of salvation. Our Lord Jesus is the "anchor for our soul, firm and secure" (Hebrews 6:19).

Hebrews: The Mega Priest

Pastor Dain Spore: Hebrews-Our Mega Priest

Remember all the hassles with the Priesthood that we saw in Leviticus? Gosh, even the priests who weren’t blowing it (screwing up the protocol or questioning Moses’ authority) still had to offer up a bunch of sacrifices for their own sin! And don’t get me started on how frequently they had to sacrifice. How different is Jesus? Those guys aren’t even in His league! In fact, quite literally, they are not in His priestly order.Find out why it is so awesome to have Jesus as our Great. High. Priest!!

Hebrews: Sabbath Rest

Ah yes, the Sabbath. If you have ever been in Israel for a Sabbath weekend you will know that it is really interesting to see how this 2500 year-old commandment of God is carried out in the 21st century. I find it both awesome and annoying, but always fascinating.

Annoying: All the elevators in hotels on the Sabbath stop at every floor in both directions and the buttons don’t work. This is because pressing a button would be considered “work” on the Sabbath. At first you find it quaint and interesting, but after awhile it just feels legalistic and stupid.

Awesome: When we were invited to share a Shabat meal with an Israeli family, we were all charmed to see that the patriarch of the family took the phones from the family members and locked them for the Sabbath. And the streets in front of their house was safe for the kids to play in because there were no cars. We were all jealous! What a great idea!

However, were any of these things related to the original purpose of God telling Moses to institute a Sabbath rest 2500 years ago? We dive deep into the eternal purpose of the Sabbath. We cover most of chapter four.

Shabbat Shalom!

Hebrews: Eternal Security

Pastor Dain Spore: Hebrews-Encourage One Another

We take a brief “bunny trail” to cover the topic of “eternal security” before we pick up where we left off in Hebrews. However, once we get back to Hebrews we will begin in 3:7 and finish the chapter, and even get into chapter four.

Either way you will enjoy the admonishment from the author to “Encourage one another daily." I just love the “daily” aspect of it! I need it and so do you!

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