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Acts 28

Pastor Dain: Acts 28. The Book of Acts Hasn't Ended

I thought it would be fun to mix it up a bit, and get to hear from all (or most) of you. After a shorter-than-normal teaching, I want to hear from you guys about what stands out most when you look back on the Book of Acts.



Mike mentions three people that impressed him:

Julius the Centurion. He was the guy responsible to take Paul to Rome. What a job that turned out to be!

Luke: Humbly never put himself in the forefront of the story.

Paul: This man tried to save the Jews of Jerusalem. Jesus knew many would not repent; He predicted the destruction of the temple that took place shortly after Paul probably died. If they had repented, Jesus may have made a different prediction!


Garrett likes the story of the demon-possessed servant girl. Paul cast the spirit out and for his troubles he was flooged and thrown in jail. He and his pals sang hymns, the earthquake opened the doors and the jailer and his family was saved.


Donna loves the story of Peter and John before the Sanhedrin in chapter 4, especially the part where thy proclaim they must obey God rather than men.

Dain reponds with the thought that we all need to have that king of strength in our conviction that God is true and real.

Conrad adds that the only charge the Sanhedrin could come up with somebody got healed.


Kirk points out that Acts has multiple instances of the Church showing great hospitality to its members. Dain responds by acknowledging that so many people are very kind to him (especially with food).


Dave mentions things currently in the news regarding efforts to shut down churches (for example, Canada building a fence around a church to prevent people attending services). His point is that the Church is not made up of buildings and meeting places. The true Church, the worldwide body of believers, cannot be contained by any force of man. Even the arrest of Paul did exactly the opposite of what was hoped--the Church grew greatly in number everywhere Paul went.


Stephanie says her husband Steve's favorite story is when the demon says, "Jesus I know, and I know about Paul, but who are you?" That's Acts 19:15.


Tom Clemmens tells the legend of the Three Fountains. Apparently when they beheaded Paul, his head bounced three times and that's where the fountain sprung up. Did we say that this is a legend?

Dain points out that not knowing anything about Paul's death may very well have been God's intent so that we would not turn Paul's grave site into a gigantic shrine. It keeps the focus where the focus needs to be.


Louis talks about Enoch, Elisha, Moses; saints who either went straight to God without dying or, in Moses' case, whose body was never found. Paul could be one or the other.

Acts 27

Acts 27: Surfing Malta

I have to give credit for this joke to pal Dan Conger. After Tony’s message on Acts last week Dan said, “Hey, the first surfing in the Bible was when they rode planks in Malta!” And he’s right!

This time we look at the exciting story of Paul’s journey to Rome that has him shipwrecked on a Mediterranean island. We are covering all of chapter 27.

Acts 25,26

On Trial for His Life Paul Takes the Stand

The Book of Acts, chapters 25 and 26. It is Paul’s last attempt to share Gospel in Israel. This time it is to both the new ruling Governor Festus, and the pseudo-king of Israel, Herod Agrippa. After these two chapters Paul will begin his final journey towards Rome and eventual martyrdom for the Gospel. This time we see some classic objections to the Gospel including “This is all much too incredible to be true” and “I just need more time." Paul’s response to these is perfect!

Acts 23:11-24:27

Pastor Dain Spore: Acts 23:11-24:27

The story of Acts is becoming more narrative and less theological/applicational so we will be covering a lot more ground in the weeks to come. But these guys are all classic characters and entertaining to observe.

Acts 22:1-23:11

Pastor Dain Spore: Acts 22:1-23:11. Still Another Riot

Paul's no-hold's-barred commitment to telling the world about Jesus ignites another massive riot, this time in he rocks Jerusalem.

Acts 21

Pastor Dain Spore: Acts 21. Paul's a Riot (again)

In the face of predicted danger, Paul goes to preach to his fellow Jews right in the heart of Judaism. At the Temple! You gotta love Paul. His great passion for his fellow Jews to be released from the bondage of the Law causes him to be beaten and arrested. Yet at the end of the chapter he is going to ask for (and receive permission) to speak to them again! There is no stopping this guy!

Acts 20

Pastor Dain: Acts 20. Paul Kills Eutychus!

If you do fall asleep while Paul is teaching, probably best not to do so in the window of a second story building! Thankfully it all works out for the best.

Acts 19

Paul's Riot

The life of the Apostle Paul was hardly calm and nerdy. An example of his wild adventures is Acts 19. Paul is the cause of a major uproar in one of the major cities of the Roman Empire! Also in this chapter we see God's power on display.

Acts 18:18-28

Apollos gets some further instructions about some minor details… Little things like the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Acts 18:1-17

What Happens in Corinth

Paul, a dejected evangelist in need of encouragement ends up in all places… Ancient Corinth. The city of ill-repute, whose very name was consistent with a term used for all kinds of vice and prostitution. How is God going to encourage His beloved servant in such a place as this?

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