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God’s Holiness

Angels are scary! When they appear in the pages of the Bible, they carry a sense of God's holiness--and as Isaiah found out, standing in the presence of God's holiness is terrifying. But as frightening as it is, we are drawn by it. Dain says there's good news about all this; see for yourself in this six-minute Chicken Skin Moment.

Jews and Muslims

Abraham had children by two women. One gave birth to the future nation of Jews, the other to the Muslims. The Bible predicts conflict between the two, 4,000 years ago! Pastor Dain uses this information to discuss the difference between saved by grace, and attempting to be saved by doing good works.

Jesus Wept

Welcome to another Chicken Skin Moment with Pastor Dain Spore! The Question: Why did Jesus weep? After all, He knew He was about to raise Lazarus from the dead. Answer: Because Jesus saw the suffering of Lazarus' loved ones. They were suffering because they had been separated from the one they loved. From Adam and Eve until now, we have suffered from separation from God and from each other. Jesus understands our sorrow. He wept, but He was in the process of defeating death and separation!

God’s Wr-r-r-r-ath!

We often think of the wrath of God as lighting bolts or perhaps ill health. Pastor Dain Spore has a different take on it that offers a cool insight into the nature of our loving God.

Genesis Hope

Pastor Dain talks about the BIG question: What does it all mean and what am I to do with it? Humanity had a great relationship with the Lord in the beginning of the Book of Genesis. But soon that relationship was broken. Genesis describes the problem and gives us hope that God will take care of this mess!

The Battle

Got an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other? Pastor Dain has a helpful tip to win that battle!


Whatever happened to good ol' Obed-Edom the Gittite? Wait a minute...who in the world is Obed-Edom the Gittite? Pastor Dain tells the tale of a mortal enemy of Israel and all the blessings God gave him! It's a great story!


Pastor Dain Spore adds another quick look at one of God's best inventions: Marriage!

1-Sided Covenant

Pastor Dain discusses being asleep at the switch when God made a covenant with Abraham, and again at the garden of Gethsemane when Christ was about to launch the New Covenant.

Priest King

Chicken Skin Moments are things from the Bible that are so great, they give us goose bumps or, as we say here in Hawaii; chicken skin! This time it's a key figure, a guy named Melchizedek of all things--but we know almost nothing about him. But what we do know is really cool.