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Jonah Part 5

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Hey Gang,

Jonah chapter 4 - Jonah is angry at God!

What an amazing story - What a victory for God - What an amazing turnaround for the “repentant” wayward prophet Jonah! After first disobeying God, he repents at the behest of a large fish and heads to Nineveh to proclaim Yahweh. After only five recorded words the entire city repents, making Jonah perhaps the most effective Old Testament prophet EVER! And how does he react? Does he compose a poem of praise and thanksgiving? Does he devote his life to establishing correct worship of Yahweh in Nineveh? Does he return to Israel in triumph as the great prophet?

Don’t miss this study as we wrap up one of the most fascinating and weird books I have ever studied in the Old Testament.

Dainard Spore
Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship, Hawaii

Jonah Part 4

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Hey Gang,

It's Jonah and the Assrians! Witness one of the best ever calls to salvation….OK, actually that is a bit of a stretch. You could actually argue that it is the WORST call to salvation in history and yet, perhaps the most effective ever! The whole nation of Assyria repents! Crazy? Nope. Just another day in wacky world of the Book of Jonah. There is some great and fascinating things we cover in the third chapter this time.

Dain Spore is Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship in Hawaii.

Jonah Part 3

Jonah's prayer from inside a fish! Jonah chapter 2 is Pastor Dain's Bible study topic. From the belly of the fish Jonah prays an amazing poem of praise and repentance. And if we didn't know better, we'd say Dain was there to dig out the facts!

Dain Spore is Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellow, Kauai, Hawaii.

Jonah Part 2

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Hey, Gang!

We deep dive into Jonah chapter 1 - Running from God. I have to admit, this book is WAY more interesting than I ever thought. It kind of proves that only thinking about the book as the story of a guy and a fish does the book a major disservice. Let's get into it!


Dain Spore is pastor of Kauai Christian Church, Hawaii.

Jonah Part 1

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Hey Gang!

We kick off the greatest comedy in the Bible: the Book of Jonah. Full of humor, irony and satire, and all of it reveals our own issues with obedience and self-reliance. What an interesting and unlikely book this is, and yet it was created to put up a mirror to our own lives as we ponder the unknowable depth of God’s grace for us and the world.

Dain Spore is Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship in Hawaii