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Joshua 8

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Joshua 20-22 - Conquer and Divide

Hey Gang,

We wrap up the Book of Joshua with chapters 23 & 24. It is basically Joshua’s “goodbye” speech that sounds an awful lot like Moses’ parting words in Deuteronomy. However, it does have one of the great verses in it: “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord!”

Love it!


00:00 Mike Love of the Beach Boys

01:12 Review of the Book of Joshua

08:14 Commentary on Joshua 23

22:18 Commentary on Joshua 24

54:31 Wrap up of the Book of Joshua

56:45 Closing prayer

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Joshua Part 7

Hey Gang, our study begins with the completion of the dividing up of the conquered land to the tribes of Israel. Then it’s the “cities of refuge” and also towns for the Levites to “use, not possess.” 

Immediately afterwards there is a near civil-war between the Eastern tribes and the Western tribes, but cooler heads prevail. Some pretty interesting stuff in here, enjoy!

Dain Spore is Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship. 

He is Co-Founder of Christ's Love and Majesty Ministries.

Joshua Part 6

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Hey, Gang We might have set a record for our weekly Tuesday night Bible studies. We skim SEVEN chapters!

We just cherry pick some tidbits out of a long list of people and the lands that God is giving them to occupy. There is actually some pretty cool stuff in here; enjoy!!

Here's the link to the 12 Tribes Map: of 12 Tribes.pdf

Joshua Part 5

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Hey Gang, It's time for Joshua 10-12, a section that is frankly quite violent as the people of Israel conquer the Promised Land.

If there were a ratings standard for Bible stories, this would be rated R for adult. It’s pretty radical and perhaps the most violent passages in the Bible (that might make an interesting topic of discussion itself!).

Thankfully it is the last violence in the book. So far we have been pleasantly surprised at the interesting lessons to be gleaned out of Joshua, and this one is no different. God is faithful and His Word is good!

Joshua Part 4

Pastor Dain - Joshua 8-9: Joshua gets a second chance to attack Ai.

Hey Gang,

Last week we saw what happens to the Israelites when they are disobedient to God during the time they are supposed to be inheriting the Promised Land. It doesn’t go well! Joshua guys have to stop and deal with unconfessed sin amongst the ranks before they can take another step into the land.

This time around, God gives them a “second chance” at conquering Ai. How awesome that we serve a God of second chances! Let’s talk about that. We are covering chapters 8-9.

Video Chapters: 

00:00 Introduction and review of the Book of Joshua

09:17 Joshua 8-9

55:53 Closing prayer

Dain Spore is Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship - 

He is Co-Founder of Christ's Love and Majesty Ministries -

Joshua Part 3

Joshua Bible Study Part 3: The Fall of Jericho, the Sin of Achan

"And it came to pass, when the people heard the sound of the trumpet, and the people shouted with a great shout, that the wall fell down flat."

                                                     -Jos 6:20 

When the walls Come tumblin' down

When the walls Come crumblin', crumblin'

             -John Cougar Melloncamp

Hey Gang! This time we look at the conquering of Jericho. Which went so smoothly -- what could possibly go wrong? Oh...yeah. People! We cover chapters 6 and 7.

Video Chapters:

00:00 One Fine Day in English Class

02:49 Review of Joshua 1-5

09:03 The Captain of the Lord's Army

15:58 Marching around Jericho

20:15 Devoted to the Lord

26:49 Rahab is saved

36:50 Achan's sin

51:55 Achan's punishment


Dain Spore is Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship and Co-founder of Christ's Love and Majesty Ministries.  

Joshua Part 2

Joshua Bible Study Part 2: Enter the Promised Land

"Spies Like Us!" Well, kind of like us. Hey, last week was much more fun and interesting than I had thought it would be. I would say I was pleasantly surprised, but we should be long past being surprised by the masterpiece of Scripture! It is simply never ending. So I have great excitement about today's teaching. We dive into chapters two through five, which cover the spies meeting Rahab in Jericho, and then the miraculous crossing of the Jordan River. Also, circumcision and, after four decades of nothing but manna and quail--the great food the Israelites scarf as they enter the Promised Land at last.

Joshua Part 1

Joshua Bible Study Part 1: Joshua the Warrior

Hey, Gang! After two weeks off, I’m super excited to dig into the Book of Joshua. Have you read it yet? It’s pretty violent. Actually, it is very violent, and the violence comes at the behest of our God. This is not easy for us to understand, and (plot spoiler) there are no easy answers. This is probably not a Bible study for those who are immature in the faith, or not well-seasoned by Scripture. However, time and time again we have been rewarded for our diligence to trust God and go forging ahead into the most difficult Scriptures, and this time is no different. So proceed with an open mind. Joshua is great!


00:00 We begin the Book of Joshua.

18:06 The purpose of the Book of Joshua

21:08 Joshua 1:1-5

27: 08 Joshua 1:6-9

36:17 Joshua 1: 10-11

37:36 Joshua 1:12-15

45:48 Joshua 1:16-18

57:13 Closing Prayer