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Conflict in Israel

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The history of conflict in Israel - a look at past and current conflicts ranging from Babylon to Hamas. And by the way, is Jesus about to return?

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00:00 The biblical roots of Israel

09:38 A brief history of the geographical area

11:35 David conquers most of what God promised Abraham

11:55 The Divided Kingdom

13:11 The Persian Empire

13:56 Alexander the great, the common language

14:08 The four generals divide the spoils

15:53 Rome takes over

20:59 The roots of Zionism

23:23 Theodore Herzl

26:05 Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

30:40 The founding of Tel Aviv

31:16 Mandate Palestine

33:56 WWII

36:33 The UN partition plan

42:05 Israel attacked

43:38 After the Yom Kippur war

44:13 Peace treaties

49:42 Sunni and Shia

55:51 The End Times

1:01:39 Ezekiel 28:1-6

1:05:24 Luke 21:26-28

1:14:06 Closing prayer

Pastor Dain serves at Kauai Christian Fellowship, Kauai, Hawaii


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