Matthew 1:1-17

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Hey Gang,

SUPER excited to get into the first chapter of Matthew with you all. At first glance it looks like “Oh, no--a genealogy? Gotta be boring." However, as is often the case with the Bible, there is a lot more going on here than a mere genealogy! In fact, I will be so bold as to claim that not only is this section of Matthew the most important part of the book in regards to the proof of who Jesus claimed to be, but it also makes a HUGE statement about the veracity of Scripture. We are looking at a controversy that some have thought shows a contradiction in the Bible, when in fact it obliterates any resistance to the majestic, infallible truths it contains.

We are covering Matthew 1:1-17.

See you there!

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Dain Spore is Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship, Hawaii.