Paster Dain – The Peace of God

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Philippians 4:2-7 - The Peace of God!

Hi, Gang... 

Have you ever been involved in a work project at church, and either witnessed, or been a part of a disagreement about how the job could “best be done?” Then you’ll appreciate Paul’s comments regarding a “beef” that had occurred at the Church at Philippi. His response is to explain to us that since we have all been yoked together, it is imperative that we “agree in Christ” so that we might get to the important work at hand...the presentation of the Gospel! There it is again. Paul’s great contention about the importance of the Church working together in unity to promote the soul-saving gospel. It is of an immensely more importance than our personal needs. We cover this and also the great JOY we have in Christ.


Dain Spore is Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship, Hawaii.