Philippians – Joy

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Hey Gang,

have you ever fallen for the old lie that God wants you to be happy? And that if you’re not happy it is probably somebody else’s fault, especially the fault of God, or at the very least the fault of the Church! This is one of the most pervasive lies that brings about such disillusionment with people in the church.

But the Apostle Paul presents a much appealing call for us to be full of JOY. Real, biblical, joy that does not fade with every disappointment life brings us. And to prove it, he wrote a letter to the church at Philippi about the great joy that he possessed--while writing from a prison cell! Trust me, he knew what he was talking about.

For the next several weeks we look on as Paul explains to us why we possess joy in Christ, and how to let that guide our lives.

One of his greatest letters!

Pastor Dain

Dain Spore is pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship in Kauai, Hawaii