Romans 4:1-25

Hey Gang,

It’s Romans 4:1-25 this time.

For all of you that watched our previous Bible study, I apologize if I moved too fast. Even though we only read eleven verses, I confess, we covered a TON of ground! I heard from a few people that it was a bit of a “drinking from a fire hose” evening. This might be the first time in the history of our Bible study that I think I went too fast!

Anyways, as mentioned last time, what we covered was the “thesis” statement about God’s New Covenant, a radical idea of salvation by faith. Now Paul is going to spend the next few chapters unpacking this idea, with the Old Testament precedent for it, and what the ramifications are for the Law in the light of grace. Thus, although in this video we cover all of Romans chapter 4, we actually cover less material than last week.

We’ll see that God’s plan of salvation goes all the way back to Abraham, which would blow the minds of a lot of the Jews whom Paul was writing to. It might blow your mind as well!