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1 John 1

Hey Gang,

We are kicking off the Book of 1 John, also known as the “The Love Book.” HOWEVER, I have already been pleasantly surprised at how different this book is then what I had thought it was about. I thought it would be an extension of Jesus saying “love your neighbor,” but I was wrong! It has a fascinating cultural backstory very similar to our own, and it explores depths of Christology and theology that surprised me. It’s really interesting!

Happy watching!


00:00 1 John is about more than love.
04:30 Why study 1 John?
06:49 The historic context of 1 John
21:14 We look at chapter 1.
51:53 Closing prayer.

Dain Spore is Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship.

He is Co-Founder of Christ's Love and Majesty Ministries.
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