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Romans 9 and 10

Hey Gang,

A couple of things: Despite my great boast that I would be able to finish three chapters in one teaching…didn’t happen. Turns out it is not all your questions and comments that fill up the time, it’s me! In any case, the topics went way deeper than I thought, and I did a whole bunch of extra study, so this time we cover chapters 9 and 10, leaving 11 for the next time.

By the way, I hope this goes without saying, but you can obviously watch these teachings however, and whenever, and at whatever pace you want. So grab your coffee, get comfortable, and enjoy diving into the deep end with Paul!


Romans 11

Hey Gang!

In this final section of a two-part series on Romans 9, 10 and 11, we get to watch even Paul himself struggle to explain the fate of Israel. Who is Israel now? And is his discussion of their salvation for the nation or individual Jews? Can Paul even figure it out? We wrap up this deep and confusing section of Scripture and present you with some possible explanations. Paul will end his part with an awesome declaration of praise, and I will end my section with…an Haiku poem!

Acts 27

Acts 27: Surfing Malta

I have to give credit for this joke to pal Dan Conger. After Tony’s message on Acts last week Dan said, “Hey, the first surfing in the Bible was when they rode planks in Malta!” And he’s right!

This time we look at the exciting story of Paul’s journey to Rome that has him shipwrecked on a Mediterranean island. We are covering all of chapter 27.

Acts 25,26

On Trial for His Life Paul Takes the Stand

The Book of Acts, chapters 25 and 26. It is Paul’s last attempt to share Gospel in Israel. This time it is to both the new ruling Governor Festus, and the pseudo-king of Israel, Herod Agrippa. After these two chapters Paul will begin his final journey towards Rome and eventual martyrdom for the Gospel. This time we see some classic objections to the Gospel including “This is all much too incredible to be true” and “I just need more time." Paul’s response to these is perfect!

Acts 22:1-23:11

Pastor Dain Spore: Acts 22:1-23:11. Still Another Riot

Paul's no-hold's-barred commitment to telling the world about Jesus ignites another massive riot, this time in he rocks Jerusalem.

Acts 9:19-43

On the road with Peter and Paul. A look at what came on the heals of the Apostle Paul's conversion from one who hated the followers of Christ to the man God used to bring dramatic change to the world. After that, it's the story of Peter raising Tabitha from the dead. As important as they were to history, Peter and Paul always pointed to Jesus, not themselves, as the One who gives us life!