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God’s Fire

Another Pastor Dain Spore Chicken Skin Moment! This time Dain looks at four types of fire: God's fire that is.

Science and Religion

Pastor Dain Spore with another Chicken Skin Moment. This time it's Science and Religion; the two worlds we live in. Good food for thought!


Dain does it. Adam and Eve do it. We all do it. Blame-shifting. Blaming others for our issues. As long as we don't take responsibility for our own actions we never move on, we never get better. Pity the poor census worker that came to Dain's door on a bad day!

God’s Holiness

Angels are scary! When they appear in the pages of the Bible, they carry a sense of God's holiness--and as Isaiah found out, standing in the presence of God's holiness is terrifying. But as frightening as it is, we are drawn by it. Dain says there's good news about all this; see for yourself in this six-minute Chicken Skin Moment.

God’s Wr-r-r-r-ath!

We often think of the wrath of God as lighting bolts or perhaps ill health. Pastor Dain Spore has a different take on it that offers a cool insight into the nature of our loving God.


Pastor Dain Spore adds another quick look at one of God's best inventions: Marriage!