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Hebrews: Hall of Faith

Hey Gang,

It's time for the famous Hall of Faith, Hebrews chapter 11. We look at Hebrews 11:1-19 this time, learning about the great faith exhibited by Abel (of Cain and Abel), Enoch, Noah and Abraham. Questions and thoughts brought up by people in the room include why did God value Abel's sacrifice over Cain's, what it means to walk with God, were there clouds before the flood and what was Abraham thinking as he held the dagger over his son. Good fun!

Commandment 11

Pastor Dain Spore's Chicken Skin Moment this time is The Eleventh Commandment, focusing on Exodus 20:1,1. These two verses come just before the famous Ten Commandments and they drastically change our understanding of the Commandments! Dain explains how to read the Commandments through "the eyes of grace."