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Acts 25,26

On Trial for His Life Paul Takes the Stand

The Book of Acts, chapters 25 and 26. It is Paul’s last attempt to share Gospel in Israel. This time it is to both the new ruling Governor Festus, and the pseudo-king of Israel, Herod Agrippa. After these two chapters Paul will begin his final journey towards Rome and eventual martyrdom for the Gospel. This time we see some classic objections to the Gospel including “This is all much too incredible to be true” and “I just need more time." Paul’s response to these is perfect!

Acts 23:11-24:27

Pastor Dain Spore: Acts 23:11-24:27

The story of Acts is becoming more narrative and less theological/applicational so we will be covering a lot more ground in the weeks to come. But these guys are all classic characters and entertaining to observe.