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Hebrews: Jesus is So Better!

Pastor Dain Spore: Hebrews-Jesus is So Much Better!

Dain, like the author of Hebrews, jumps right into an incredible list of Christ's attributes and sets up a number of reasons why Christ is so much better than even Moses, the priests, and more.

This is the first in a series of studies on the Book of Hebrews, every week for five or six months.

Commandment 11

Pastor Dain Spore's Chicken Skin Moment this time is The Eleventh Commandment, focusing on Exodus 20:1,1. These two verses come just before the famous Ten Commandments and they drastically change our understanding of the Commandments! Dain explains how to read the Commandments through "the eyes of grace."


Two theories about heaven: Heaven is nothing like earth; heaven is just like earth only perfect. Dain gives his idea, based on the exchange between the thief on the cross and Jesus and Revelation 21:1+.