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Nehemiah 2:11-3:32

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Hey Gang,

We cover chapter three of Nehemiah this time. At first glance it just looks like a list of people who pitched in to rebuild the walls (and it is!), but I found some cool little side stories related to the building I think you will enjoy! For starters…why do I think it is so important for me to be there on Landscape Day? Nehemiah!

Dain Spore is Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship, Hawaii.

Nehemiah 1:1-2:10

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We start the Book of Nehemiah, although it is technically a continuation of the Ezra scroll. But it is a great story of a man of God, on a mission, who fully trusts God’s ability to do the seemingly impossible through him! We cover Nehemiah 1 through 2:10.

Let’s get these walls built!


Dain Spore is Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship, Hawaii.

Ezra 7-8

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Ezra shows up on the scene and he brings the Word! Literally, physically. He picks up the Word of God to bring it to Jerusalem. It’s a pretty cool story with great ramifications for us.

We cover Ezra chapters 7 & 8. It’s fun!

Dain Spore is Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship, Hawaii.

Ezra 4-6

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Pastor Dain continues his series on the Book of Ezra with the obstacles to rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem. Dain covers chapters 4-6.

Dain is Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship in Hawaii.

Ezra 2,3

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Pastor Dain continues his series on the Book of Ezra. We start of with one of those long lists of names (that Dain manages to make fairly interesting :), followed by the reconstruction of the temple after the people return from the Babylonian captivity. 

Last week the video was lost, so we had the audio. This week the video is lost for a completely different reason! So enjoy what amounts to Dain's Audio Podcast...

Dain is Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship in Hawaii.

Conflict in Israel

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The history of conflict in Israel - a look at past and current conflicts ranging from Babylon to Hamas. And by the way, is Jesus about to return?

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00:00 The biblical roots of Israel

09:38 A brief history of the geographical area

11:35 David conquers most of what God promised Abraham

11:55 The Divided Kingdom

13:11 The Persian Empire

13:56 Alexander the great, the common language

14:08 The four generals divide the spoils

15:53 Rome takes over

20:59 The roots of Zionism

23:23 Theodore Herzl

26:05 Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

30:40 The founding of Tel Aviv

31:16 Mandate Palestine

33:56 WWII

36:33 The UN partition plan

42:05 Israel attacked

43:38 After the Yom Kippur war

44:13 Peace treaties

49:42 Sunni and Shia

55:51 The End Times

1:01:39 Ezekiel 28:1-6

1:05:24 Luke 21:26-28

1:14:06 Closing prayer

Pastor Dain serves at Kauai Christian Fellowship, Kauai, Hawaii

Philippians – We Can Do All Things

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Hi, gang...

We finish Philippians with a bang! We have one of the most iconic of verses from Philippians: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Let's dig into it!

00:00 Our final Philippians episode!

00:52 A quick review of previous Philippians episodes

04:56 Philippians 4:10-23

56:18 Closing prayer

Dain Spore is Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship, Hawaii.

Philippians – Put into Practice

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Philippians 4:8,8 - Only two verses but what a wealth of wisdom! We cover everything from depression to Doom Scrolling, garbage in, garbage out and, of course, putting Paul's advice into practice. As Paul promises, "The God of peace will be with you." 

00:00 Pastor Dain Spore

00:35 Philippians 4:8,9

1:06:52 Closing

Prayer Dain is Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship, Hawaii.

Paster Dain – The Peace of God

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Philippians 4:2-7 - The Peace of God!

Hi, Gang... 

Have you ever been involved in a work project at church, and either witnessed, or been a part of a disagreement about how the job could “best be done?” Then you’ll appreciate Paul’s comments regarding a “beef” that had occurred at the Church at Philippi. His response is to explain to us that since we have all been yoked together, it is imperative that we “agree in Christ” so that we might get to the important work at hand...the presentation of the Gospel! There it is again. Paul’s great contention about the importance of the Church working together in unity to promote the soul-saving gospel. It is of an immensely more importance than our personal needs. We cover this and also the great JOY we have in Christ.


Dain Spore is Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship, Hawaii.

Philippians – Citizens of Heaven

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Hey Gang,

Once again this world that we live in has broken my heart. The latest round of terrorism in the Israel has really shaken me to the core. Perhaps what bugs me the most is when I try to imagine scenarios in my head that would solve the complex problems of the world. The answers I come up with are at best juvenile fantasies, and at worst are so violent and hateful that I have to repent to God for even thinking such things. Which is why I was so excited to see what verses we would be covering from Philippians this time.

If you didn’t know already, I have traveled fairly extensively all over this planet, and have always had the easiest of entrances into foreign countries because I carry with me a passport from the USA. It is like the golden ticket to being welcomed somewhere. Therefore I always keep close tabs on my passport at all times and guard it very carefully. But there are many other times when I find myself disappointed with the state of the world, and simply being an American is nowhere near satisfactory. That is why when I read this verse from Philippians today I wanted to jump out of my chair and shout for joy!

"But our citizenship is in heaven" (Phil 3:20).

Hallelujah! This world is not our home, we’re only passing through! And our leader is not an elected official but the all powerful, sovereign, mighty, just, and loving Creator of the Universe. He is the King of Kings, and I am a citizen of His Kingdom first and foremost, now and forever. Amen!


00:00 Some key announcements.
01:30 Opening prayer.
02:13 Dain and the Doctor.
02:49 Passport to the Kingdom of God.
06:06 Review of previous chapter.
08:38 Philippians 3:17-4:1.
54:08 Closing prayer.
55:12 Prayer for peace in Israel.

Dain Spore is Pastor of Kauai Christian Fellowship in Hawaii.

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